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My Table, My Rules

Some men need a full body massage and some need a little bit extra. Are you man enough to take what I give you?

Text me when you think you are ready and we will find out. BDSM newbies are welcome, but you must learn to follow direction. Begin by understanding these rules.

My Expectations (which, of course, are the only ones that matter).

I expect you to communicate briefly and clearly. Do not waste my time with many texts or repetition. Be precise.
I expect you to arrive on time - never early, never late. Ever.
I expect you to be clean, unfragranced, and appropriately behaved. Always.
I expect you to come with your complete donation and without drama.
I expect you to remember that, after all I am The Boss and behave accordingly.

How to end out time together immediately and for good:

Engaging in any of these bhaviors will swiftly stop your session, and you will not be welcome back:

Know the rules, know your place, and you will happily submit to The Boss.