TEXT ONLY - 612.224.1202

Contact information for Boss Fox.

All arrangements for sessios are exclusively made by TEXT.

If we have not yet met, briefly introduce yourself and make a good impression. One line txts are not good impressions.
Proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, and appropriate wording are respectful and important. Always.
If you are requesting an appointment time, be clear about what date and times you will be available.
I will reply in a reasonable (for me) time; yours is to be patient and your time will come.
Do not text over and over to discuss your session - this is both annoying and childish, which you do not wish to be.
If you will be unable to make your session, text once at least an hour before or you will be a no-show. This is a bad thing.
If you will be late, text as soon as you are aware. I will advise if it is too late and we must cancel or if we may still meet.
If I tell you not to text for a certain time, do not. Respecting my privacy (and yours) and time is not optional.

TEXT ONLY to 612.224.1202